Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So many choices

Now that I've booked my caterer Ma Del's Cuisine, and sounds & lights provider Rejectkrew, I am now ready to move on to other stuff. I'm currently obsessed with finding an OTD coordinator, one that's affordable and offers quality service. I feel like I've emailed all the possible coordinators there is already. Here's what I've come up so far...

1. Events by the Fridays Club: P10k. Highly recommended at w@w for their affordability and service.

2. Bridal Fantasy: P10k. Another popular choice at w@w.

3. Redawn Events: P10k.

4. Fridays at Seattle: P15k OTD + host. Book now to avail 10% discount.

5. Special Events by the Planner: 12k OTD + free bubble machine and confetti poppers.

6. Fab Occasions: 15k. Highly recommended at w@w and most of our suppliers.

7. Bride's Diary: 15k OTD + free party poppers.

8. Dream Quest Events: 10k.

9. Fragrant Moments: 15k OTD + fragrance diffusers and 2 sets of party poppers (sounds interesting, and I can get a 10% discount as a w@w tag holder).

10. Eventual Pursuit: 18k OTD + souvenir pictures in cd and facial spa at bridal shower.

11. Wacky Works: 12k.

12. Breakout Events: 9-18k.

Well, I think that's it. Seems like 10k is the minimum amount to have an OTD coordinator. If I had the budget, I'd get Fab Occasions.

I've talked to a w@w sis though who actually offered free OTD services before. She says she and her husband are willing to help me out at an affordable price. I think I'll meet up with them this weekend to talk about their services.

Anyway, gosh, wedding planning is becoming an obsession.

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