Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love love love Jeff & Lisa!

Read this blog: and you'll understand why I love them so much. =)

If there was one supplier I'm truly super happy with and would still get even if I suddenly win a million dollars today (hahaha, I wish), it would be them!

In other news, I keep debating with myself whether to get a back up photographer or not... I know, I know... what's the point, right? I suppose I want this other photographer to concentrate on the guests, while Jeff and Lisa can concentrate on Rogel and I. I also want to have a picture of the reception set-up before people arrive, but how can I have that when we'll be having some pictorials by the bay before the reception starts? Hmmm... of course, I'm sure there would be dozens of non-professional cameras clicking away. Okay, let me list some pros and cons...


1. It's out of budget already! Haha, though there are back up photographers that go as low as 5k, which is pretty inexpensive.

2. Why should I get a back up photographer whose works I don't love? Since I'm on a budget, my choices are pretty limited. I suppose this is my main reason why I'm leaning toward not getting a back up. It's like, what's the point, if I'm not going to love their photos anyway, right?

3. More people = more crowded places. We're having our preps at G-Hotel (we've finally decided), and their suite isn't really that big. Though I've read of fellow w@wies who have managed to squeeze 2 main photographers, 2 videographers, lighting assistants, 2 back up photographers... not to mention the parents, the entourage... in G-Hotel's suite. They said you could comfortably squeeze around 15 people inside it. Still, I wouldn't like feeling claustrophobic.


1. More pictures! Haha, need I say more? (I'm such a photo-addict)

2. They can capture details that my main photographer might not be able to.

Okay, that's basically it. More cons than pros, at least right now, haha. I wonder if I could tell the back up to just head straight for the church instead of going to the hotel? Maybe I could get a discount, haha.

Oh well, I'll probably just rely on my dear guests' amateur photos, hehe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Pre-Cana Experience

We had our pre-cana seminar at St. Peter the Apostle Parish yesterday. It had three parts. The 1st part was a middle-aged woman who lectured on the 10 Commandments and the 7 Sacraments. It was okay... a little redundant since we're pretty familiar with these already. The 2nd part was a couple who have been married for 28 years already. They talked of compatibility, the stages of a relationship, and the ups and downs of marriage. Their talk was pretty interesting, and I enjoyed seeing how they interacted with each other, the way they bantered and joked around. One of the things they advised was to think about the qualities your partner has that you love and list them down. Since there isn't a perfect marriage, there would be times when you need to read this list and remind yourself of these qualities. I thought it was a good idea, and I decided to list the things I love about Rogel...

1. He's really nice. I know nice seems such a boring description, but who wouldn't want someone nice to be her husband? He's the type of guy who doesn't mind driving his uncle, doing everyone's dishes, or running errands for his mom all the time.

2. He loves to cook for me, and he's a great cook! I wish I could cook like him.

3. He always offers me the last slice of cake.

4. He's really smart. Not merely bookish smart like me, but street smart as well.

5. He loves to sing to me.

6. He has spontaneous moments when he'd suddenly take me in his arms and dance with me.

7. He's very sweet and affectionate.

8. I know he's someone I can trust.

Hmm, I think that's enough for now. Anyway, the 3rd and last part was an old man who had been married for 52 years. He's quite old-fashioned, with rather ancient beliefs. I was a little irritated when he kept mentioning how wives should always maintain their figure 'coz men have roving eyes, and always like looking at attractive things. I wanted to retort that men should very well maintain their figure as well! (Though I didn't, 'coz he was already talking so slow, and I didn't want to prolong the talk any longer) And he even confided that he once cheated on his wife. She almost left him, but he asked forgiveness and promised not to do it again, and their relationship survived.

I truly hope that our marriage would stand all odds... and yet I also believe that there are some things that might not withstand a marriage. Infidelity, for one, is something I'm not sure would ever be forgivable in my eyes...

Rogel and I trust in our love for each other though. I hope and pray that we can stand whatever life brings us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Story of My Gown

I mentioned in a previous post that I changed my 'inspiration gown' to a new one, and this was what I asked my couturier to copy. So when I went back to Blanca's after two fittings, lo and behold, the gown was finished! I was so surprised. And stunned. 'Coz honestly, what they made was COMPLETELY different from the gown I asked them to copy! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I could only stare at the gown and wonder how they came up with it based on the design I gave them. I suppose the shape is the same... it's a tube with a sweetheart neckline and it's empire cut... I suppose the train is more or less the same length... but gosh, everything else is just... off.

Well, I suppose what they made really isn't BAD or anything. It's simply not what I expected. The gown was supposed to be made of lace, and I'm not sure if they even used lace. And the gown was supposed to have minimal bead work... only at the waist... but they filled the bodice with beads.

Blanca even asked for an additional 2k from our agreed upon price. Is it my fault she filled it with beads? She says she saw there were beads using her magnifying glass. She's always complaining that her eyesight's failing though. Just my luck.

Oh well. It's not really an ugly gown or anything. I think in time I just might start to like it. And I am determined to love it. The fit is pretty perfect. And I suppose I'm still glad that the design is concentrated on the top part.

I actually have a picture, but I don't want to post it right now. I'll post pictures after the wedding.

I also asked her to make a bolero. I like this design:

I told her to make a bolero of the same material. Told her to put minimal design on it. I don't think I can trust her to copy anything anymore.

Also, she changed the shade of red we agreed upon for the entourage gowns. It was supposed to be burgundy... she showed me the cloth she would use for my mom's gown before, and it was the right shade. She said she'll use for the same shade in satin cloth for the entourage.

She didn't.

Sigh... oh well, the shade isn't bad as well. It's more red than burgundy. But at least she did choose a nice type of cloth. This is the almost finished flower girl dress:

It just needs a gold ribbon at the waist. I like simple flower girl dresses. I don't like overwhelming designs that could overpower the cute faces of the girls.

Blanca says all the gowns will probably be finished by next week. Problem is, ALL of my entourage only submitted their measurements (none of them were taken by the couturier). Most of them are based abroad, others based in Cebu, one in Tarlac, another in Manila. I don't know what to do with their fittings. My sister, who's my MOH, is arriving on May 21 with my cousin, who's a secondary sponsor. And my wedding's on the 23rd!

These gowns are giving me a headache. I only hope that the gowns don't need much alterations.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PS Gifts and Other Musings

My sister-in-law, who volunteered to make our giveaways, just sent me a picture of the rosary she made for the principal sponsors. She made two, one using pearl, the other using dark red swarovski to match our motif. She's asking me to choose between the two. I think I'm leaning toward the pearl. Here's the picture:

I was thinking that these should only be for the female sponsors, but Rogel and his sister are of the opinion that male sponsors can receive this as well. I was originally thinking of giving wine...

I asked her to make our wedding cord as well, but she wants me to ask our church first because they might not allow a cord using beads. I've noticed at W@W that most of the brides are now using a rosary cord with colorful beads rather than the traditional white cord. I showed Rogel a picture of the rosary cord, and he doesn't like it... he says it seems like a mockery of the rosary, because of how it's made - there are two loops instead of one, so it's not really a 'normal' rosary. He also thinks our church won't allow it.

I suppose we'll just have to ask our church...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Checklist

I looked at my wedding announcer and saw that we only had 49 days to go! And we still have so many things that need to be done! I thought I should list them down, lest I forget something.

1. Our Rings - this is pretty major, I know. We already plan to get our rings from the jewelry store of one of our principal sponsors (to be assured of the quality and get a good discount as well). Only problem is, Rogel is so finicky about the design. He has this specific design in mind... we saw this ring at Alexis in Robinsons Place Manila, and when we inquired, it was priced at 70k! O_O I mean, it didn't even had diamonds... it was a two-tone ring! Rogel is really bent on copying it.

2. Hotel Preps - Diamond Hotel or Pan Pacific? Hmmm... We've done the ocular at Diamond already, and I do love their executive suite! It's a mite expensive though at P14,500 (includes pictorials around the hotel). Pan Pacific seems to be a little more affordable... their smallest suite is priced less than 10k. Plan to do an ocular on Monday after we pick up my brother from the airport (last time we went there, they told us they're fully booked that day and couldn't show the rooms).

3. Pre-Cana Seminar - Ugh, we really need to do this already. We already had our canonical interview, but their pre-cana is scheduled every 2nd Sunday of the month. Which reminds me... I need to call them to make sure there's one scheduled for this month, since it'll be Easter Sunday.

4. Misalette - I've already finished the soft copy... we just need to have it approved by SPAP.

5. Bridal Car - I don't want to spend a lot on this, but I kinda want a nice car. Actually, I want a limo. This has affordable rates for 3 hours. Hmmm, do we still have a budget? I see that our date is still available... (but I wonder for how long still)

6. Finalize the guest list and seating arrangement

7. Distribute the invitations - started this already.

8. Nag the last flower girl and bridesmaid who still haven't given their measurements

9. Meet with my coordinator and emcee

Okay, that's it for now... let's see what I can accomplish in a week. It's hard when one's stuck here in the province most of the time.

Anyway, to end... a few pics of my darling boy.

Happy 4 months, Mari!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weird Dreams and Stuffs

Last night, I dreamed of an old friend of mine back in high school, the first guy who courted me. It almost became 'us' but I suppose it simply wasn't meant to be. We were friends first before the courtship, with a mutual love of books. We spent many times just sitting next to each other, talking, exchanging stories about the books we've read, enjoying a camaraderie that was very natural.

And then things changed... suddenly, gazes became longer, glances became stolen, and the conversation became stilted. Shyness ensued between us. I suppose that was probably the reason why we hadn't become a couple... when he started courting me, we became shy around each other. Our easy camaraderie became an awkward courtship. The friendship fizzled as we fumbled around each other.

So when we parted ways after high school, our friendship dissolved as well. Our conversations became few and far in between. Also, I learned his preferences have changed... (he's become gay, actually). He seems to be doing well though, currently taking up medicine in UST.

I wonder why I dreamed of him. In my dream, he was pursuing me and acting very romantic. Oh well, weird dream!


As I've mentioned before, I got my invites already. They're very simple, just two pages with a map printed on bond paper. Here they are:

I really hadn't wanted to spend a lot on invitations. I like my invites, and yet I almost wish I hadn't been in such a hurry getting them done. I was just so excited to book Cardprints. Now I almost wish I could have DIYed the design and just had it printed in Recto.

Though well, I'm really not sure when I'd find the time to DIY it really with an infant to take care of. Also, when would I find the time to go to Recto???

Anyway, I'm still happy with my invites, but if I had to do it all over again, I think I would've tried my hand at DIY.