Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 months to go

Check out the wedsite I've made:

It's really cute. =) Of course, I'm biased, but anyway, it's still cute. =P

Yesterday, Achi, my oldest sister came home from Singapore. She's only staying until Sunday though. I wish she could stay longer so I could consult her with my wedding preparations... she got married this February 9. She had far more time planning her wedding though, and had far more budget. But it's okay, it's really kinda fun scouting for affordable suppliers and making the best out of what we can afford. Of course, if I had limitless budget, I already know the suppliers I'd choose...

But since I don't, I really have to scout well and read feedbacks regarding each supplier's service. Great service normally doesn't come cheap, as everyone knows. But sometimes it might come just right...

Anyway, so updates since I last posted?

We've finalized the ceremony and reception venue. We've paid the reservation fees already, so it's all set. The ceremony will be held at St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Paco, Manila, and the reception will be at Ramon Magsaysay Center Hall in Roxas Blvd.

We've also paid downpayments on my chosen videographer and photographer. I'm pretty happy with my decision - I personally handpicked these two, 'coz I really want to have nice videos and photos as mementos of my wedding. Rogel trusts my decision, though he occasionally remarks on the expenses that are accumulating... But anyway, after agreeing on the ceremony and reception venue, he's pretty much leaving the rest of the planning to me.

Here's a list of what I want to finalize in the next month:

1. Caterer - I'm currently eyeing DXC Catering because they have good reviews at W@W and they have affordable wedding packages. I contacted Blue Petals but they want to schedule the food tasting for next year since they said our wedding date is still far off, so I thought I'd scout for other caterers first. So right now I just want to have a food tasting at DXC and if their food is good already and their table arrangements aren't bad, I plan to book them.

2. OTD Coordinator - this is one supplier I realize easily gets booked, so I really want to book them soon. Right now I'm only deciding between Events by the Friday Club and Bridal Fantasy... they have affordable rates, have good reviews at W@W, and are currently still available on my wedding date. It sucks to be stuck here in Capas and unable to meet with them.

3. Bridal Gown Designer/Couturier - I want to have a designer who can be there on my wedding day to assist me in dressing and any last minute emergencies/alterations that need to be done.

4. Hair and Make Up Artist - these are easily gobbled up by wedding-crazed brides as well... of course, every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day.

5. Sounds and Lights - I'm eyeing Rejectkrew for this because they have a very affordable rate.

Hmmm, I think that's it. Invitations, misalettes, entourage gown designer, bride and entourage bouquets... well, I think these don't have to be finalized in the next month. Maybe in the month after that.

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