Friday, November 28, 2008

My Dream Gown

Being a member of W@W has exposed me to a lot of designers and couturiers, and pictures of wedding gowns from past brides. It's really helped me distinguish what I like and don't like on my wedding dress, and it has even changed my inspiration wedding gown.

This is currently my inspiration wedding gown. =) I love the design because I feel that it suits my romantic nature. And I like the fact that the emphasis of the gown is at the top, and the skirt simply complements it with its flowing layers. I've seen pictures of gowns that have waaay too much detail on both top and bottom, and it's practically garish looking in my opinion. I think this is me... I'm still not sure about the sweetheart neckline, but I'm open to suggestions. That's why I'm currently obsessed with finding the perfect couturier... someone affordable but able to deliver. I'm currently eyeing Jean Avellanosa. I love her designs, and I think she can really deliver. I'm also considering Tet Hagape, but I feel like her shop is inconveniently located (it's somewhere near Eastwood). Oh well, we'll see.

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Diane Jean said...

maganda yang style na gusto mo... hehe i checked out the sites of the designers and i liked jean avellanosa too. simple and elegant! :)