Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Search for the Wedding Gown Designer

Sigh... this is one of things I'm really looking for right now. But it's so hard 'coz 1st of all, I don't have a car. 2nd, Rogel is so busy and can't come with me. 3rd, my parents are in the province busy with our business. 4th, none of my sisters are in the country and so I can't ask for their help. 5th, I'd love to ask my friends but they're busy with work as well. Lastly, I'm currently VERY pregnant and it's so hard to get around (and expensive 'coz it's much more comfortable to ride a taxi). I think the last reason is actually why it's so difficult for me to find my wedding gown designer.

And hair and make up artist. And coordinator. And... etc, etc.

Recently though, I've encountered another designer online whose rates are affordable and whose work looks beautiful. Check her out: Prim Chua. I love the gowns in her website! The gowns look really expensive, for someone whose rates are really affordable. Now I wonder when I can visit her shop...

Another designer whose rates are very affordable is Amonn Velasco. His shop is located in Makati.

There are actually a lot of couturiers in Makati whose rates are affordable. I just really need a car. And a driver, preferably Rogel.

Sometimes wedding preparations are so stressful. Especially for the pregnant bride. Good thing I won't be pregnant soon (baby's due in December), and next year Rogel will be free as well.

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