Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Auction is Over

Sigh... I feel slightly sad now that the W@W Auction is over. I only won one item... Ms. Dulce Fortunado's hosting service. I'm happy about that of course, but it would have been a dream come true if I was able to win the wedding gown package that Cecilio Abad offered, or even the P50,000 GC from Niko by Veluz. I've always dreamed of having a gown made by Veluz... sadly, it is also only in my dreams that I can afford it. =P Maybe 10 years from now... haha, if only things worked out according to plan! But right now I need to be practical, and that means finding affordable suppliers and not going beyond my set budget.

It's still sad to think about sometimes though...

1 comment:

Diane Jean said...

at least you still won something! :)