Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates... less than 20 days to go

I almost can't believe that we only have 20 days to go before our marriage is blessed in church. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were just starting to prepare for our church wedding... and now it's almost here. I feel like there's still a hundred things to do! But I'm glad it's almost crunch time, since I'm really just looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends.

I even have 'assignments' to do from my coordinator, haha. I really need to work on those, but I can't resist blogging. Especially since there are things I'd like to share.

One, I've found my shoes. I went through a lot of shoe stores with my husband, baby and dad tagging along (who really aren't the best people to go shoe shopping with, haha, but my mom and sisters are all abroad right now). Nothing seemed right. Finally, when we were tired already and about to go home, Rogel pointed out a store that I bypassed originally (because I hadn't planned on spending a lot on shoes). Since we've gone to so many stores already, I thought, why not? So we entered the store. And there, I found it:

I love my shoes! They're simple and comfortable, just the way I like them. They're the perfect height, since I have difficulty walking in high heels. I was actually open to wearing colored shoes, but these are perfect. They're actually not as pricey as I thought they'd be, but still pricier than what I wanted to spend. Well, they're an investment. I can always use them after the wedding. =)

Another thing I found is my prep dress:

I was originally looking for something in my motif (burgundy and gold), but when I saw this, I couldn't resist trying it on. And when I did, I was sold.

I was also able to meet with my coordinator and emcee recently, and we were able to talk about the reception program. It's almost finalized... just need to decide on a couple of details.

Yay, progress!


Anonymous said...

hi just curious where did you buy your dress?

Helene said...

Hello Anonymous! May I know your name first? Thanks. =)

Anonymous said...

this is tin from W@W

Helene said...

Hi Tin! Bought it at Forever 21. =) Lots of choices there. Petite Monde also has nice dresses (almost bought one there, though they didn't have it in my size).

Happy preps!

Diane Jean said...

hey i bought a dress too.. its red silk hehe I was thinking you could wear it for preps too.. in case you liked it. ;p