Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 week to go

Today, I truly felt like a bride.

My mom and sister's family arrived here from Singapore, and we headed straight for the couturier so my mom and sister could fit their gowns. There's still a LOT that needs to be done for my mom's gown, but my sister's gown is practically finished.

I tried on my gown as well... it had to be tightened because I lost some more weight, and now it fit just perfectly.

And even though Blanca still gives me the headaches, today, I felt like a bride when I put on my gown.

It wasn't the gown I imagined myself wearing, and yet, surprisingly, it seems to have become the gown I'm truly meant to wear.

It doesn't look like much when you see it by itself, but when I put it on... it really transformed before my eyes. Into THE gown.

Suddenly, I can't wait to wear it.

Just 7 days to go.


Diane Jean said...

wow thats great! see.. it all worked out! you have to give blanca credit, meron rin pala syang style na nalalaman wahahaha

Helene said...

Hahahaha, sana nakita mo yung plan niyang itahing patches sa gown ni Mama! O_O Buti na lang di pa niya nalalagay... sinabi ko na gawin na lang niya yung beadwork na similar sa ginawa niya sa gown mo. Ang pangit talaga nung una niyang plan, as in!

Buti na lang yung gown mo and gown ko maganda, hehehe.