Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some additional silliness...

So I left Rogel in charge of doing our misalettes. Well, I was the one who edited the content, and he was tasked to have it printed out and photocopied since he's in Manila (yes, we're cheapskates - who keeps the misalette anyway?). And so the following conversation ensued...

Helene: Blah blah blah... oh, so how's our misalette?

Rogel: They're all done already. With one staple each.

Helene: Whaaat?! ONE staple each??!!

Rogel: Yes, they only need one staple. They're good already.

Helene: *sputters a bit* But couldn't you have used... TWO, at least??

Rogel: One's fine already! And we made 60 copies. Imagine how many unnecessary staples you'll use when one will do already.

Helene: But but but...!!

Rogel: I'll bring one home tomorrow. You'll see that they're fine already.

Helene: Oookay.

One staple??? Gosh, Rogel is doing cheap to an extreme!

Hehe, I love my guy!


Apol said...

pag awayan daw ang staples hehehe.. big day is getting nearer, sis helene! im excited to see your shots by jeff&lisa ^_^

Helene said...

Hi Apol! I'm really excited too! =D After us, you're next! Oh, I'm still waiting for your big revelation. ;)

Diane Jean said...

kakatawa naman kayo... but i agree with rogel, one staple is good enough, too much effort to punch stapler twice! hahaha ;p