Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love love love Jeff & Lisa!

Read this blog: and you'll understand why I love them so much. =)

If there was one supplier I'm truly super happy with and would still get even if I suddenly win a million dollars today (hahaha, I wish), it would be them!

In other news, I keep debating with myself whether to get a back up photographer or not... I know, I know... what's the point, right? I suppose I want this other photographer to concentrate on the guests, while Jeff and Lisa can concentrate on Rogel and I. I also want to have a picture of the reception set-up before people arrive, but how can I have that when we'll be having some pictorials by the bay before the reception starts? Hmmm... of course, I'm sure there would be dozens of non-professional cameras clicking away. Okay, let me list some pros and cons...


1. It's out of budget already! Haha, though there are back up photographers that go as low as 5k, which is pretty inexpensive.

2. Why should I get a back up photographer whose works I don't love? Since I'm on a budget, my choices are pretty limited. I suppose this is my main reason why I'm leaning toward not getting a back up. It's like, what's the point, if I'm not going to love their photos anyway, right?

3. More people = more crowded places. We're having our preps at G-Hotel (we've finally decided), and their suite isn't really that big. Though I've read of fellow w@wies who have managed to squeeze 2 main photographers, 2 videographers, lighting assistants, 2 back up photographers... not to mention the parents, the entourage... in G-Hotel's suite. They said you could comfortably squeeze around 15 people inside it. Still, I wouldn't like feeling claustrophobic.


1. More pictures! Haha, need I say more? (I'm such a photo-addict)

2. They can capture details that my main photographer might not be able to.

Okay, that's basically it. More cons than pros, at least right now, haha. I wonder if I could tell the back up to just head straight for the church instead of going to the hotel? Maybe I could get a discount, haha.

Oh well, I'll probably just rely on my dear guests' amateur photos, hehe.


Diane Jean said...

hehe rely on guests pics nalang siguro! sabihan mo mga friends mo na magtake ng maraming pics :p

Helene said...

Haha, oo nga e, and si Richie diba maganda yung camera? Hehehe!