Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Checklist

I looked at my wedding announcer and saw that we only had 49 days to go! And we still have so many things that need to be done! I thought I should list them down, lest I forget something.

1. Our Rings - this is pretty major, I know. We already plan to get our rings from the jewelry store of one of our principal sponsors (to be assured of the quality and get a good discount as well). Only problem is, Rogel is so finicky about the design. He has this specific design in mind... we saw this ring at Alexis in Robinsons Place Manila, and when we inquired, it was priced at 70k! O_O I mean, it didn't even had diamonds... it was a two-tone ring! Rogel is really bent on copying it.

2. Hotel Preps - Diamond Hotel or Pan Pacific? Hmmm... We've done the ocular at Diamond already, and I do love their executive suite! It's a mite expensive though at P14,500 (includes pictorials around the hotel). Pan Pacific seems to be a little more affordable... their smallest suite is priced less than 10k. Plan to do an ocular on Monday after we pick up my brother from the airport (last time we went there, they told us they're fully booked that day and couldn't show the rooms).

3. Pre-Cana Seminar - Ugh, we really need to do this already. We already had our canonical interview, but their pre-cana is scheduled every 2nd Sunday of the month. Which reminds me... I need to call them to make sure there's one scheduled for this month, since it'll be Easter Sunday.

4. Misalette - I've already finished the soft copy... we just need to have it approved by SPAP.

5. Bridal Car - I don't want to spend a lot on this, but I kinda want a nice car. Actually, I want a limo. This has affordable rates for 3 hours. Hmmm, do we still have a budget? I see that our date is still available... (but I wonder for how long still)

6. Finalize the guest list and seating arrangement

7. Distribute the invitations - started this already.

8. Nag the last flower girl and bridesmaid who still haven't given their measurements

9. Meet with my coordinator and emcee

Okay, that's it for now... let's see what I can accomplish in a week. It's hard when one's stuck here in the province most of the time.

Anyway, to end... a few pics of my darling boy.

Happy 4 months, Mari!


Candy :) said...

hi helene, kendz her, friend ng sis mong si jean hahaa... go for pan pacific :) it has a hugeeee suite. sobrang cozy. ask jean - she was there for my preps. :)

Helene said...

Hi Kendz! Thanks for the advice! Jean did mention to me how nice and big the room you used for preps were. =) You have a blog, right? Would love to add you. =)