Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Story of My Gown

I mentioned in a previous post that I changed my 'inspiration gown' to a new one, and this was what I asked my couturier to copy. So when I went back to Blanca's after two fittings, lo and behold, the gown was finished! I was so surprised. And stunned. 'Coz honestly, what they made was COMPLETELY different from the gown I asked them to copy! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I could only stare at the gown and wonder how they came up with it based on the design I gave them. I suppose the shape is the same... it's a tube with a sweetheart neckline and it's empire cut... I suppose the train is more or less the same length... but gosh, everything else is just... off.

Well, I suppose what they made really isn't BAD or anything. It's simply not what I expected. The gown was supposed to be made of lace, and I'm not sure if they even used lace. And the gown was supposed to have minimal bead work... only at the waist... but they filled the bodice with beads.

Blanca even asked for an additional 2k from our agreed upon price. Is it my fault she filled it with beads? She says she saw there were beads using her magnifying glass. She's always complaining that her eyesight's failing though. Just my luck.

Oh well. It's not really an ugly gown or anything. I think in time I just might start to like it. And I am determined to love it. The fit is pretty perfect. And I suppose I'm still glad that the design is concentrated on the top part.

I actually have a picture, but I don't want to post it right now. I'll post pictures after the wedding.

I also asked her to make a bolero. I like this design:

I told her to make a bolero of the same material. Told her to put minimal design on it. I don't think I can trust her to copy anything anymore.

Also, she changed the shade of red we agreed upon for the entourage gowns. It was supposed to be burgundy... she showed me the cloth she would use for my mom's gown before, and it was the right shade. She said she'll use for the same shade in satin cloth for the entourage.

She didn't.

Sigh... oh well, the shade isn't bad as well. It's more red than burgundy. But at least she did choose a nice type of cloth. This is the almost finished flower girl dress:

It just needs a gold ribbon at the waist. I like simple flower girl dresses. I don't like overwhelming designs that could overpower the cute faces of the girls.

Blanca says all the gowns will probably be finished by next week. Problem is, ALL of my entourage only submitted their measurements (none of them were taken by the couturier). Most of them are based abroad, others based in Cebu, one in Tarlac, another in Manila. I don't know what to do with their fittings. My sister, who's my MOH, is arriving on May 21 with my cousin, who's a secondary sponsor. And my wedding's on the 23rd!

These gowns are giving me a headache. I only hope that the gowns don't need much alterations.


Diane Jean said...

hehe di bale sasakto yang damit! think positive! :)

Diane Jean said...

ganda naman ung color red nya e.. anu ung material? looks soft! ganyan rin ung sa amin?

Helene said...

Hi Jean! Yep, ganyan rin yung material nung sa inyo. =) Buti nga maganda naman yung material na ginamit niya. I'm not sure what cloth it is... satin na mas maganda daw, haha.