Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Prenuptial Experience

I absolutely love love love Jeff and Lisa! They're my favorite supplier of all! Hehe, I know it's a little bit early to say that, since the wedding's not even finished, but I feel so lucky to have found them and that their services were within my budget.

The first time I glimpsed their website, I fell in love. I can't imagine anyone NOT falling in love with their pictures. Their style is unobtrusive and candid, and their pictures look so natural. Their rates before hadn't been posted at their website, so I still remember thinking I probably won't be able to afford them. Feeling sad even before I inquired. But when I emailed them, Jeff was quick to reply, and I was stunned and so incredibly happy to find out that their promotional rates absolutely fit our budget! I was ecstatic! And even through the email, I could feel Jeff's friendliness... Before I even met them, I absolutely knew I HAD to have them.

Rogel and I dropped by their house last October, and they showed us the raw pictures of the weddings they previously shot. We also talked for a while, and we were very comfortable with them. It's funny remembering it now... as you know, I was already hooked on getting them, but of course I wanted to get Rogel's feedback. I kept trying to communicate with him using my eyes, and he couldn't get what I was trying to say. We ended up saying our goodbyes without booking Jeff and Lisa, because everyone agreed that May 23 was still a long way off.

But while we were waiting for the elevator, this conversation ensued:

Helene: So, don't you like the pictures?

Rogel: Huh? I do like them. The raw shots of the few weddings they shot are really great. I'm surprised to find out that they're still young and new to wedding photography. And they're very friendly... I think we'd work well with them. But it's up to you.

Helene: Really? Then I want them! I want to book them already!

Rogel: Why didn't you say so??

Helene: I wanted to hear what you thought first!

And we decided to go back. I'm sure Jeff and Lisa were surprised when five minutes after we left, we were back ringing the doorbell. I think I may have had this foolish grin on my face as I told them we wanted to book them. We ended up staying for a while again as we talked and signed the contract.

And anyway, that wasn't supposed to be my entry...

We recently had our prenup with them at Coconut Grill here in Capas. It was so much fun to work with them. And they seem to have enjoyed themselves as well. They mentioned how exhilarating it was to be out of Manila and with a different scenery to capture. I'm so glad that I decided to have our prenup here. We had to pay an additional out-of-town fee, but it was so worth it. We didn't have to pay to take pictures in Coconut Grill though... My parents know the owners. ;)

Even though a few days have passed, I feel like I'm still on a high. I can't wait to see the pictures! I know they're going to be gorgeous.

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