Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our godfather passed away

Daddy Undo, Rogel's uncle, one of our godfathers in our wedding, passed away last June 4. It was very sudden... he just started complaining of stomach pain in the morning, and suddenly he was having a myocardial infarction (commonly known as a heart attack). They said he had an abdominal aneurysm.

Rogel and I arrived in Cebu late last night. He was buried this afternoon. We're glad we were able to pay our last respects.

He looked so healthy and happy during our wedding. His death was really unexpected. It's good to know that he didn't suffer a lot and is now in God's hands.

I feel sad that I only knew him for a little while. And yet even with our brief acquaintance, I had seen how nice a person he was, how much he was a rock to most of the family (he was the eldest of Rogel's mom's siblings).

May you rest in peace, Daddy Undo.

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tanja of w@w said...

Hi Sis,

We were also sad to hear of Daddy Undo's passing. We are connected by various marriages as my brother married a Fanlo - Musni.

Despite this sad news so soon after your wedding, there are still lots of things to be thankful about. Have a blessed marriage!